Online Installation Training Program

Free Online Installation Training for BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems. Work your way through our training modules to learn about installation best practices and test your knowledge. At the discretion of Lubrizol Advanced Materials, upon completion and after verifying your use of BlazeMaster CPVC, a training card and certificate will be mailed to you.

How does it work?

  1. Create an account
  2. Log in
  3. Work through materials at your own pace
  4. Receive training card by mail after verifying your use of BlazeMaster CPVC and at the discretion of Lubrizol Advanced materials.

What do the training materials include?

A variety of topics including cut and join, listings and approvals, chemical compatibility, health and safety and more.

Who is the training for?

The BlazeMaster Installation Training Program is for the installation of a BlazeMaster Fire Protection System only*.

Anyone interested in learning more about BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems including installers, contractors, engineers, and construction managers.

This is a presentation of industry best practices in the installation, application and maintenance of BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems. It does not take the place of actual BlazeMaster installation training.

Please be aware that undertaking the BlazeMaster on-line training course does not allow avoidance of other training as required by the BRE, FIRAS or other third party accreditation bodies in order to be qualified to install fire sprinkler systems. The BlazeMaster on-line training course should be viewed as a CPVC module attached to the wider training requirements for fire sprinklers in general.

*If verification of Blazemaster CPVC use is not possible a training card and certificate will not be issued.